Friday, October 29, 2010

YouTube--1 Billion and Counting

Recently, YouTube, that one website that has everyone recording themselves on camera and sharing it online, has hit One Billion Subscriptions....that's 1,000,000,000.....which is a lot of zeroes to be honest..... But MachinimaSports had gotten the billionth--lucky bastards......

I'm like, "WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL?!" Really, does anybody care about how many times a certain button is pushed on YouTube to make it so that people can remain updated on their favorite YouTubers' shenanigans? I don't....I mean, I do realize that the 1 Billion Subscription milestone is a pretty big deal because it involves 1,000,000+ people pressing a BUTTON....that causes a set of coding (here on after called a "code") to activate..... And that code has been activated 1,000,000,000 times..... I know I didn't say 1 billion people pressing a button--that's because I have to factor in repeats, where there are YouTube users that hit the "Subscribe" button more than once for multiple YouTubers (users like ME--I have subscribed to 98 different YouTube accounts total, while 21 people are subscribed to mine).... Well, hooray for YouTube and its parent company GOOGLE.....who also owns BLOGGER....and various other things online such as Google Earth and Google Sky and Google Maps and are also the cause of all those goddamn advertisements on your search results and on the websites that allow them to advertise various useless and possible untrustworthy sites and services....even on your (yeah, I'm saying it) YouTube videos. Seriously, that should be considered spam--perhaps it is spam, but I don't know at this point.....

So, what's so great about YouTube? Perhaps it's the instant feeling of you becoming a star and having people that aren't in your family and your circle of friends see your videos shared at a location that's easy to access wherever there's internet access. Or it could be that you can watch certain video footage that can't be found on any DVD or BluRay disc....or even your video cassette! :O

"What are video cassettes?"
"They're an obsolete medium for videos."
"Why are they obsolete?"
"Digital recording happened."
"Oh, you mean like YouTube?"--->>*FACEPALM*

So, aside from me mocking society's move forward to a Matrix-esque world where the machines rule with a relentless platinum-diamond alloy fist, I'm gonna add an update here about Nutcasenightmare and HIS progress on :the game: series, the epic flash games that you win by losing..... Turns out that he's currently working on :The Game 3:.....and after sharing a few direct messages via, I mean Twitter (If anyone makes an app named Tweedler and starts selling it, I WANT A COMMISSION!) I managed to get into the Beta testing group! =D Like, ZOMGISNTTHATSOEPICTHATICANJUSTSCREAMWITHASPOON?! Ha! I know, I'm being sarcastic there--but I did actually tweet about this and text people about it!

But now I must leave and prepare for parents weekend, my birthday on Sunday (Yes, Sunday is Halloween--and I'LL BE FUCKING 20! \o/) and for brawl-a-thon later, with SSB: Brawl and other games at the Campus Christian Center....most likely can't get back on to the computers at the library later because of all of this stuff happening......Wish me good luck....not just luck because I learned my lesson after falling for it several times.......

But I'm signing off now, saying, "PUNK OUT OR SHUT UP!" Laters!

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