Friday, October 29, 2010

YouTube--1 Billion and Counting

Recently, YouTube, that one website that has everyone recording themselves on camera and sharing it online, has hit One Billion Subscriptions....that's 1,000,000,000.....which is a lot of zeroes to be honest..... But MachinimaSports had gotten the billionth--lucky bastards......

I'm like, "WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL?!" Really, does anybody care about how many times a certain button is pushed on YouTube to make it so that people can remain updated on their favorite YouTubers' shenanigans? I don't....I mean, I do realize that the 1 Billion Subscription milestone is a pretty big deal because it involves 1,000,000+ people pressing a BUTTON....that causes a set of coding (here on after called a "code") to activate..... And that code has been activated 1,000,000,000 times..... I know I didn't say 1 billion people pressing a button--that's because I have to factor in repeats, where there are YouTube users that hit the "Subscribe" button more than once for multiple YouTubers (users like ME--I have subscribed to 98 different YouTube accounts total, while 21 people are subscribed to mine).... Well, hooray for YouTube and its parent company GOOGLE.....who also owns BLOGGER....and various other things online such as Google Earth and Google Sky and Google Maps and are also the cause of all those goddamn advertisements on your search results and on the websites that allow them to advertise various useless and possible untrustworthy sites and services....even on your (yeah, I'm saying it) YouTube videos. Seriously, that should be considered spam--perhaps it is spam, but I don't know at this point.....

So, what's so great about YouTube? Perhaps it's the instant feeling of you becoming a star and having people that aren't in your family and your circle of friends see your videos shared at a location that's easy to access wherever there's internet access. Or it could be that you can watch certain video footage that can't be found on any DVD or BluRay disc....or even your video cassette! :O

"What are video cassettes?"
"They're an obsolete medium for videos."
"Why are they obsolete?"
"Digital recording happened."
"Oh, you mean like YouTube?"--->>*FACEPALM*

So, aside from me mocking society's move forward to a Matrix-esque world where the machines rule with a relentless platinum-diamond alloy fist, I'm gonna add an update here about Nutcasenightmare and HIS progress on :the game: series, the epic flash games that you win by losing..... Turns out that he's currently working on :The Game 3:.....and after sharing a few direct messages via, I mean Twitter (If anyone makes an app named Tweedler and starts selling it, I WANT A COMMISSION!) I managed to get into the Beta testing group! =D Like, ZOMGISNTTHATSOEPICTHATICANJUSTSCREAMWITHASPOON?! Ha! I know, I'm being sarcastic there--but I did actually tweet about this and text people about it!

But now I must leave and prepare for parents weekend, my birthday on Sunday (Yes, Sunday is Halloween--and I'LL BE FUCKING 20! \o/) and for brawl-a-thon later, with SSB: Brawl and other games at the Campus Christian Center....most likely can't get back on to the computers at the library later because of all of this stuff happening......Wish me good luck....not just luck because I learned my lesson after falling for it several times.......

But I'm signing off now, saying, "PUNK OUT OR SHUT UP!" Laters!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Updates--New Twitter, Second Life and Life in Repeat

Sorry for those who just noticed that I changed my blog settings as well as my profile settings. I might as well start reviewing things (critiquing certain items such as flash and browser games, as well as many Internet sites and the likes) and because I might be tweeting my blog posts, I decided to continue to use my online alias of Eden Pyrithea rather than my real life name because I like the anonymity and the protection it provides me. That being said, let's move on to the meat of this post.

Life--I'm back at college, sophomore year, friends with Dexter Manning on my real life Facebook (aka FACEFUCK!) account. Re: Dexter Manning thing--EEEEEP! Unfortunately, my parents are still being pricks about my having a Second Life and so I had to leave my computer behind at home when I moved out here to Collegeland. And I mean the entire computer: tower, monitor, mouse, keyboard, everything--except the headphones and microphones and flash drive. Which means that I can't check in on what I missed over the summer due to the anti-Second Life crackdown my parents are enforcing for "my benefit." And that caused me to miss out on Insilico and Siden Darkest Urban Roleplay action, as well as +DV8+ and Black Maria sales, Bloodlines vampire clan news, Midnight Mania, seasonal grid-wide shopping hunts, my friends and SL family's activities, and the (almost) prime reason why I must get on, which is to get a head start on launching my multi-platform fashion-and-entertainment production company known as Liquid Renegade. I will tell you now--THE NAME IS MINE, DON'T FUCKING TAKE IT OR I'M SUING YOUR ASS(ES)! But I already got started on building it, with a logo of my own design and a CafePress merchandise shop set up! Here's the link....

Also, I've managed to create a very active social life with thanks to the Humans Vs Zombies Game. I met a bunch of great people, several of whom I helped out, and several of whom helped me out. What sucks is that the zombies lost (with me among them) but at least I was able to get started on making many friendships, make a friendship develop further into a special sort of relationship with a particular Harless employee/student, and get involved with Nerf club! ^_^

Second Life is once again absent from my life due to my parents disagreeing with me having one and, as a result, disallowed me from having my computer in my room. So I'm missing major events that'll screw over my character because I was not able to participate in it due to lack of grid access. Which really sucks. At least I was able to get an emergency story arc together briefly off the top of my head, where it has my character Eden being captured and held captive by the gang she fled from being a member of. Somehow she was released and was taken to the roleplaying city's medlab to heal her wounds, many of which are quite serious; imagine being tortured by having a drug cocktail that consists of heroin AND crack cocaine injected into you! Now she's addicted, starving, and in hiding to not be caught again. But I'm looking for volunteers for people to take on the roles of those very gangsters.....I'll have to come up with a sign up roster thing for it....... Also, it's a shame to hear that the Emerald Viewer is no longer an accepted third-party viewer for logging in to Second Life..... What's worse is that Linden Labs (the people who run SL) has also recently bought Avatars United and is currently shutting it down as well as redoing a shitload of things. They already redid the official Second Life Viewer by putting out version 2.0 and here's my take: smooth foreign program that makes no sense to me. I mean it RUNS GREAT! That's pretty much it because I could hardly get used to the new layout. The n00bs would be able to get into it, but since I'm pre-2.0, I'd rather stick to the old one. So I have to try out either the other third party viewers such as Phoenix or Emergence, or I could get used to the awesome pretty smoothness of v2.0.

New Twitter--Apparently LL isn't the only one forcing it's products and users through a makeover: Twitter is going for the new layout and new ways to access yours and your fellow tweeps' status updates as well as "simplifying" the whole thing. Yes, I have everything there in front of me--retweets, followers, following, expansion pane for details, tabs for mentions and retweets, etc. The bad news would be the fact that with the wider set-up, there's less background to see, and I really want people to see my background! :( Also, on the new twitter, when you're on your home page, the F5 key will no longer work. It's a shame because I have to now use my browser's refresh button or press the "x number of new tweets" banner that shows up. PLUS, lots of it is built on Flash being up to date and awesomes, not like the out-dated shitty computer I was using earlier yesterday during work-study. But all of the graphics elements were present on there, on the shitty computer, which is AMAZING! With the old twitter, certain graphical elements would not load or it would take too fucking long to load that I have to either refresh or deal with it. But I think I am warming up to the New Twitter, despite it's small flaws.

Reviewing--Oh! And I started to share my opinion with the world by writing reviews on various things, such as Flash and browser games. Let's get this straight: flash games and browser games are not as popular as the video games stuff such as Xbox360, Nintendo Wii, PS3, etc, but they are probably second-most popular in that not everyone (are you paying attention? NOT EVERYONE) has a video game console like the ones I listed here. I, in fact, am one of those who have to live without her Halo gamertag and connecting on Xbox Live and the likes. So, I turned to flash games. YIPPEE! Especially since, recently, I have reviewed a couple of Nutcasenightmare's games in such detail. And since I tend to be very good at that sort of writing, I'll take it up on the side! (Here's a link to my reviews on Newgrounds! Most recent one submitted is on the top.)

So, summary: I'm alive sans Second Life + Xbox/Halo + much of my sanity....but I found new things to enjoy. Plus, I'm gonna be a critic--so watch out! Or else I'll slam your creations and you'll end up losing money! >:F Later, luvvaz!

(Oh, did I mention that I'm no longer co-owner of the Pour House? It was a mutual heated agreement loaded with drama. Either way, I left that dump. It can sink or swim for all I care. But I've got MY niche: roleplaying in Siden and in Insilico! *grits teeth* I just have ideas that I can't fucking get out of my head without roleplaying! At least I'm constructing my Insilico roleplay character's past in book form--no you may not read it.)

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