Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Think about your website....even if you don't have one, let's just say for now that you do....and a large portion of your users are Americans. They are allowed to post links and materials that go against the criteria of the Stop Online Piracy Act and then, since you "didn't do enough to stop it," your site winds up being blocked to American users.....Guess what that means? Your traffic plummets, your services get more expensive because you lost a large portion of your market which prompts the other users that are in other countries around the world (such as Russia, China, Japan, the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, etc) to slowly stop using your services because the prices increased. It means that you'd have to shut your site down. But why should you do that? Hmm? It's free enterprise, man! This law has the potential to shut down businesses that rely on the Internet because the American government would have the ability to block websites just because of either a few trolls or some people who want to be able to express what the feel or what they want to share but can't do it any other way.

This is why you must support this effort! >:O Petition the government, lobby Congress, do something to get them to WAKE THE FUCK UPso that they don't wind up screwing the country over even more than they already did! What is it, do they want to be China or something? If they want to be Chinese, why don't they just surrender the fuckin' country to fuckin' China?! It's tons easier, dammit!

Look, let's face it....there's a shitload of websites actually blacking themselves out in protest of SOPA and possibly PIPA.....this is the way that Congress is gonna kill the Internet! :O Really! I swear, half of the Internet's websites out there are gonna be down for a while....so that Congress has to decide which to kill: the bill or the Internet and markets that rely on it, especially in the entertainment industry. So.....help us out here, okay? We don't need this bullshit happening! We've got enough with the wars and everything, why add more to it?

I'm not sure which sites I wanna black out but for GOD'S SAKES......and everyone else's sanity, DON'T DO THIS TO US, CONGRESS!

In other news, I'll probably tell you more about my views of it when I do this radio show thing I'm trying to work on. X_x I'm hoping everyone listens in. Word of warning, I had set it to explicit, so I can curse freely without needing to censor myself. It's on BlogTalkRadio, for free, and I'm happy I could start one up....hopefully.

Hope you don't mind the annotations and stuff. I did put the wrong date in there: it's supposed to be the 21st, not 18th. Lol, just a mistake.

Anyways, working on a photoshoot, not getting kicked out (i have my apartment FINALLY....don't remember if I shared that with you guys yet....), aaaand other things. I'll let you know how it goes after the nukes of my world have hit and the fallout has settled.....

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Ask me questions about anything other than seckz http://www.formspring.me/LadyEden1337

Do you remember your dreams?

A lot of the time, but not always. Though I do admit that I have some strange dreams and there's occasionally celebrities and television characters in them., and other important figures. Such as Bono from U2, Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray, the Backstreet Boys on more than one occasion, Jay from Marble Hornets, Jesus Christ (REALLY! I held his frickin' hand!).......
It can get STRANGE!

Ask me anything that is CLEAN...no secks!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Would you rather text or talk?

text, because of hearing impairments....makes it easier....BUT....if i feel like talking, or if it's business or my family, i'll talk. :\ unless I'm busy. Then it's back to texting.

Ask me anything that is CLEAN...no secks!

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