Wednesday, December 2, 2009



Ugh, i gotta so go into Second Life Anonymous.......

Not another "End-of-Semester" Blog Post!

Wow. So many things happened lately and I've survived--for the most part--the first semester of college in my entire life. Yes, COLLEGE, even though high school schedules were structured to be like college--block scheduling really takes a lot out of you, as do sleep and Second Life.

Being addicted to Second Life is nuts. I've been having dreams related to it, more so over Thanksgiving break..... *shudders* So it's probably a problem right now, but i'm having a problem with it being a problem because i don't want it to be a problem! Uh, is that a problem?

But Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you enjoyed your birds as much as i enjoyed my turkey-flavored ham from Perdue! lmao

But yeah, it's exam time..... Reminder for fellow students: in Towers, i kept seeing a flyer taped to the walls and elevators, and i'm pretty sure it's on all your RAs' doors but 24-hour Quiet Hours will start being in effect on Tuesday so everyone can study for exams. And i bleieve i heard correctly that there will be no classes on Wednesday, December 8, for the sole purpose of studying for exams? (and maybe sleeping--i'm falling behind on that, again) Correct me if i'm wrong!

But good luck to you all, and I hope y'all pass your exams! I know i wanna move forward with college--means i get to SEW clothing sooner! (that course is next semester! WOOHOO!)

Final note: you know you've been playing SL for too long if you keep trying to do things in real life that you would do in Second Life.
Examples: jumping up into the air, expecting to fly; threatening to "ban" someone's ass when they're pissing you off; complaining about the traffic by saying "what is up with this f@$king lag?!"; wondering how many prims makes up an interesting real life building; trying to right click objects; asking for teleports to certain locations; looking for the chat bar so you can communicate to people (TRUE STORY! happened to me!); doing the typing thing while in conversation with somebody; not sending someone a picture via cell phone or email or other mode of communication because it's "non-transfer"; figuring out what happened to the "little blue menu"; you hear your bed whispering your name for hours and you can't figure out a way to mute it; and finally, looking for poseballs if you want to do it with somebody............

all worth a real life laugh, especially if you know what i'm talking about!

Enjoy the rest of the week! Cuz trust me: it'll get easier, since we got through the laggy--uh, i mean draggy part of the semester where there's so much to do and not enough time to do it. But if you only slept during the fall break, i tip my hat to you and wish that i had done the same.

For you--a cartoon! LATERS! \m/ (the horns/rocker symbol.....for those not in the know)

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