Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Semester, New Classes--Fresh Start

Whoa! FREEEEEDOMMMMMM!!!!!!!! Woohooooo!

Got back to school the Sunday before my new classes start and omg--the comparison between being at home and being at college has a stark contrast: rules and limitations and responsibilities at home, where i'm being treated like a child........compared to the being responsible for yourself, your job, your other job on Second Life, your needs and not having mom and dad around to deal with them for you.......COLLEGE IS AWESOME!!!! \o/

But i realize now--i can't do what i just did last semester, which is goofing off and shirking off responsibilities and missing classes JUST BECAUSE I CAN....... -.-

That is what nearly made me fail. That is what made my dorm room an absolute disaster. That's what kept me from socializing. That's what is keeping me from getting refills on my meds--i should reallyreallyreallyreallyreally take care of that. :/

"I need some medication!/My brain is going crazy!/I'm gonna go insane if I don't get my MEEEDDDS!" (gesture from Second Life--i think i have full perms to it, so if you are on second life and you wanna contact me, im me.....i'll send it to you.)

Anyways, yeah--Pour House (on Second Life--no duh!) is back up and running: i'm Host Manager, looking forward to RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE CONCERT! \o/ (Don't worry! Just sign up for free, get free stuff, and again, contact me! I'm on facebook--twice! one for my avatar and one for myself! i know--I'M CRAZY FOR DOING THAT! but the one for my avatar is for publicity reasons for virtual work....) Dealing with the aftereffects of drama that occurred while i was gone--does that mean i'm the glue for the group? O.o?

But yeah--back in full force, people! Vurtax, GMX7, DV8--KEEP IT PUNKASS OR DORK OUT!

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