Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Exploratory Writing Thesis Question

My thesis Question is "What is the meaning of life?!"

okay, not really......hahaha!

Actually, it's about sleep deprivation, like:

-->"Is sleep deprivation a serious problem on campus?" or something like that

It's because I've been having problems with sleep and such and it's because i've been staying up SO LATE because of Second Life. Darn it and all of its fun!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reading Text and Visuals in an Advertisement

The ad I'm analyzing can be found here.

It's actually pretty clever........

“Scared of losing your hair?”

Advertising Agency: Sorento Healthcare Communications, Mumbai, India
Executive Creative Director: Rajesh Rai
Creative Group Head – Art: Dinesh Ghosalkar
Creative Group Head – Copy: Sarvesh Raikar
Visualisers: Sabin Antony, Amruta Karandikar
Group Account Manager: Preetha Vasanji

Writing Activity

1.) The advertiser is trying to persuade people to use an anti-hair-loss prescription more than other brands.
2.) The advertiser designed the ad to make use of the elevator doors as a way of animation.....of sorts: on the closed elevator doors of corporate offices and residential buildings is the complete crown of a man with hair, but when the elevator doors open, on the back wall of the elevator, is the same man, but bald with text that reads "Scared of losing your hair? Ask your doctor about Power 1+4." A note: The name "Power 1+4" was used as a sort of code name because the real name of the hair product was not allowed to be used in the advertisement.
3.) The ad appeals to my emotions the same way it appeals to everyone else's emotions: I do not wish to lose my hair unintentionally whether it is by disease or infection or other medical condition. However, I am female so it doesn't completely appeal to my emotions as it would to males, when the loss of hair due to age is a lot more problematic. On the other hand, since I shed (yes, i really do shed!), it would probably appeal to me as a way to decrease the shedding I am afflicted by on a regular basis.
4.) The strategy they used is the animation via the elevator doors: the hair pulling away is an animation of hair loss which is a problem for many and raises issues that people need to address. Hair fall is extremely common but seldom referred to a doctor. It would show you what the problem to be solved was and a possible solution to the problem.
5.) It was very effective: it was "highly amusing" to the people who observed this advertisement and was the topic of conversation in the elevators. It also stimulated a "significant rise in enquiries about the therapy among doctors" located in the area where the ad was placed.
6.) The photos, if removed, would probably affect the advertisement since it wouldn't be providing a visual animated display for people to understand. Also, if the ad wasn't placed on elevator doors like it was, and placed on a billboard along some highway, it wouldn't become very effective because the opening of the elevator doors was what made it unique and memorable.
7.) This ad helps potential buyers make informed decisions about the product because it's an ice breaker for a common problem that people deal with on a very frequent basis and are probably embarrassed about. And it reminds them about the problem, as well as suggest a possible solution when the person seeing the ad couldn't think of a way to fix the problem.

This is a very enjoyable and remarkable ad campaign. I applaud the graphic designers and media consultants and such for creating such an effective display.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Freewrite #4

Lately, a friend of mine has been taking care of a baby squirrel in her home when the squirrel's own mother abandoned it. Some pictures can be seen here. Anyways, I've been thinking: why have strange exotic animals as pets? And when i say "exotic," I mean along the lines of lions, monkeys, tigers, etc. People would go to great lengths to smuggle them past Customs and into the USA, and this would put them into great danger of getting seriously hurt or even killed. I know that there are people out there who keep squirrels, chipmunks and possums as pets, but really? The people who can shelter shouldn't be you, me, a neighbor or any average person. It should be a vet, a wildlife conservationist, a zoologist, a zookeeper, or people licensed to handle and treat wild animals or whatever.

I confess: I would love to own a squirrel as a pet, for the simple owning of one and the insanity that comes with the idea. (That's Rachel-logic leaking through. Sorry! Usually, nobody understands it......but anyways.....) It would be purely funny. And squirrels are cute........

But it doesn't mean that I can just take care of it all willy-nilly; I might do something wrong in the care and keeping of a squirrel. I mean, the one squirrel that my friend was taking care of died yesterday while in their care, which is really sad--no animals should have to die through the mistakes made through someone's good intentions.......

So, please leave the squirrel-keeping to the professionals and the truly insane.......

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