Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What It's Like to Have Autism WebMD Article (Research Paper 3 Rolling)

What It's Like to Have Autism

Just for people to understand...... (Hey, Rebecca! You should check this article out! It's VERY insightful!)

Anyways, YIKES! I am soooo behind again: i missed a few assignments and i'm just STUCK on my Speech Communications persuasive speech because I don't know what to speak about!!!!!!! :(((

And now I only have a few days to throw together my Informative paper for English.......maybe if i use this article.........

(I'm writing about Asperger's; problem with that is I have yet to decide to write objectively or subjectively, especially since i have Asperger's myself. Any tips, please post them in the comments! It would REALLY be appreciated!)

WISH ME GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! Laters!

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