Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Papers, papers and MORE Papers!

Well, might as well fill in the gap here for all of you loyal followers (both official and unofficial) on why there hasn't been a post in so long!

There's SOOO many papers! We've done two so far! *yawns* and we're just going to keep doing them until the cows come home, i guess.......

as for the previous papers:

--Paper #1: letter to college president: i got an A!

--Paper #2: late, but i'm probably going to pass it, too

--Paper #3: on deck; informative paper--explore a topic of interest to me/write a public service announcement/present findings to a sociology class about student behaviors on campus......

one of those three, and i go with academic......i can't wait to share what i am going write with everyone else through my paper on Asperger's Syndrome!

Also, a note on Second Life: it's incredibly fun (and there IS a Marshall University campus on there! just fyi) but also incredibly addictive.....i mean, i'm taking a break from it altogether. It's been messing with my sleeping patterns and causing me problems. That's not good.....

So, there's that going on......also a Powershift event is going on this weekend. Can't wait to for that to happen! There's so much energy there! And so much action! Would make some great photos online........

And i am trying sooo hard to get some sleep.......Second Life has robbed me of so much sleep that i need a day devoted to just sleeping! and not this saturday either--i have stuff to do that day!

Well, there's your update.....looking forward to writing one that's not all over the place and focuses on at least just one subject rather than just jump from subject to subject........


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