Sunday, November 6, 2011

Barely There (Feeling Vague Freedom)

Welllllll, I'm still alive...surprisingly. And I haven't been online in ages since like.....I was on RL television, where I participated in an interview for a local news station's morning nonprofit spotlight. Oh, did I mention that I was on TEEVEE?! And that I had gone to Harrisburg and helped with a presentation that the ENTIRE Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Committee thinger people actually enjoyed?! A lot has happened since I had to leave college.

Yes, college. I was asked to go home and stay there for a while.....because I spent too much time on Second Life and now I'm paying for it with half a year's worth of agony with Mom and Dad. Time well spent, to be honest, because they have the BOOZE! And free laundry and food and heat and water and sewage and garbage.....

I had just turned 21 this past Halloween/Samhain, and I was supposed to move into MY OWN APARTMENT then, but that stupid freak snowstorm happened and the resulting damage cut out the power to my apartment building. And with no power, they couldn't really process me. I could've moved in the next day, but there were availability issues with the muscular assistance.

Buuut, I was able to enjoy Ghost Adventures lately. Zak, Aaron and Nick....ZOMG, not just cute but Linkalso BADASS! (Honeyyyy......significant-other-of-mine.....It's appreciation of their good looks and personality. You don't have to worry about us.) Because of them, I really do want to take up paranormal investigating, which means I need a digital recorder, a still camera, an EMF detector, and a video camera.....but Mom and Dad won't get them for me so I can do this stuff. They're too scared of real life ghost activity (Dad especially), plus Mom's too Catholic for this. I mean, I know that the Church believes in this, that they acknowledge that it's real. But I want to help others know that this is real, that they can start believing too. Plus, why else would I be born on Halloween 21 years ago? LOL! :3

So, tomorrow (from the date of this post), I'm moving and I'm bringing my computer with me, as well as my own TEEVEE and furniture.....and LAMPS! Gawsh, I'm getting my own place! I'm so excited! I can't get online just yet--there's gonna be a small delay there because I can't afford Interwebz just yet. Social Security is being an ASS, especially what with my job and all.

Yes, this past September, I was hired at a specific (anonymous) retail store; those who are friends with me on my RL Facebook account know who I work for. I'm in Customer Service and oftentimes, I help people out on the sales floor. Only problem is that this job has me hating the weekends now: since so many people are off during the weekends, they just have to come on Saturday and Sunday and BLOCK my pathways without much regard. It's a pain in the ass, and with so many people shopping there at once, it gets very overwhelming and nerve-wracking. I wind up being antisocial during those days because of the size of the crowds practicing one of my pet peeves ("Get OUT of the WAY, motherfucker, before I ram this fucking cart into you! I'm working here and just because you're looking at something doesn't mean you have to stand in the MIDDLE of the main trackway with the damn cart blocking the next aisle!" Yeah, I can't shout that but it feels good to get that off my chest.) and my getting behind on put-backs. You know, those items that people initially wanted to buy but decide not to while at the registers because it's too much or too expensive or impractical? Yeah, I put those back--plus ALL of the items that people don't bother to put back where they got it FROM! Most of these lazy folks are kids, but thanks to Dad's way of teaching me respect towards others, he has me putting items back where they belong, with their brothers and sisters also for sale. So, I know these kids haven't been programmed to act the same way but it doesn't hurt to teach them this behavior: "Put it back where you found it." Just saying this to your kids will help me not go overly OCD because they will help contribute to society by not leaving things around. It's like keeping your house clean: the cleaning chemicals go there, and the food goes in the pantry and the toys go into the toybox..... This is a necessary skill that they will use sooner or later, unless you don't care about them living in a pig sty of a place of their own. So, in comparison of practice and behavior, I'm actually a much better person than them. (Yay, narcissism! FOLLOW ME, DAMMIT!)

With a shitload of items packed, including my own microwave, toaster oven, bakeware, set of sharp knives, etc..... (YAY! I can bake my own goodies!) I am typing here while praying for Social Security to improve their standards. They're like, "Oh, since she's living with her parents and they're not using her money on her, along with her having a job that may or may not be over $500 a month, let's just slash her share in half. That way, they can be motivated to do something with her money!" Ye, government! For every dollar I earn, they cut $0.50 out from my share of the tax money. This must be amended, what with the $1,999.99 limit in net worth (like amount in the bank plus assets) and all. Maybe the legislators could stop padding their own paychecks and start increasing the limit for Social Security to $2,500 US. Not that I will join the Occupy movement.

I actually have concerns about that movement: this movement shouldn't be all "anti-capitalism," which is what the communists and anarchists all want, but rather, an opposition to the current principles of the country's capitalists and government. Yeah, the Man may be strapped for cash but COME ON! The members of the middle class (of which I'm a member of--duh!) are the ones who provide the money for their paychecks. But the wealthy members of society (or perhaps anti-society?) are the ones who provide for their campaigns....why? Probably to safeguard their money, leisure activities and business practices..... But there's a reason why they should be taxed more: they can afford to pay for the mudslinging campaigns (which, for some reason, resembles political mud wrestling....WOOHOO REDNECKS!) as well as the higher taxes.... Because they're RICH!

However, this "anti-capitalism" cry for help is a double-edged sword: there are those who work hard and get what they earn....and then there are those who want to get what they haven't earned due to some (non)sense of entitlement. That's why competition is healthy, so that we can do our best so that we can get what we deserve; but the lazy asses who like to sue for dumb-butt reasons want to get by on a hard-working man's salary by doing as little as possible. That's why communism is actually really unfair, because if two people work in a factory in a communist country and one works to do double the minimum amount of work, while the other one just barely does the minimum, the two will still get the same amount of pay, no matter what. That's what promotes laziness: equal treatment. I know, it sounds back-asswards, but it's true. Don't we all want to do our best? Don't we all want to feel that we achieved something? That's why capitalism is good for us, but only in the hands of those who are not misguided pigs of war and oil who crave more power and popularity. That means YOU, Republican fuckheads in office; you're just scared of how society has changed that you are blaming Obama for what Bush did! The members of the LGBTQI community are people, and therefore, are humans! It's not a sin to love someone regardless of their gender, now is it? Jeez, lighten up a bit and then everyone will be happier.

Anyways, time for a more positive ending: this past spring saw the release of the third installment of NutcaseNightmare's :the game: series......titled Reimagine :the game:!!!! It is featured on Newgrounds and totally lots of fun; certainly different from the past two versions, what with all of the problem solving skills needed to "beat" each level. And if you pay attention to the end credits.....OMGOMGOMG! I'm listed as one of the BETA TESTERS! Yay me! xD thank goodness for friendships, lolololol! I just need to jack his keys and unlock the rest so that I can get the other medals and things like that. :3 LOL! My "official" review hasn't been posted yet but I can tell that my score for it will be 9000+/10 stars.

Anyways, that's all I can reveal for now. More to come when I finally obtain my own Interwebz and get caught up on EVERYTHING in Second Life....Did I tell you that Mom and Dad want me to outright ragequit SL, which is why they deprive me of this.....basic need? Nope? I didn't? Okay, just making sure, because I don't wanna repeat myself.... LOL!

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