Friday, May 6, 2011

Real life, Second Life and Insanity in Both

Yeah, I'm still on Second Life, not as addicted to horses....this time, is teh seckz on a fantasy roleplaying sim--rape and forced sex fantasies. Now, before you go and rant and rage at me for roleplaying rape and sex, I must point out a few things:
  1. It's ROLEPLAYING!!!!! It's not....real. It's virtual kinks and fetishes! Hell, there are even CRAZIER fetishes out there! Just look at my F-list and hover over each of them for an explanation. See? There's vore and other such things, like "Watersports" that involves urinating....UGH! I may be nuts but I'm not THAT nuts......
  2. Even though it has the theme of rape and forced sex and even torture, I, as a person, do not condone these acts of violence as being okay. I understand that there are people out there who are victimized and violated by rape, sexual harassment, sexual violence, torture, and other injustices. I agree with those people that it is nightmarish in the sense that you are violated against your will. However, I stand by point #1 with an addition to that: this is all consensual after all, but people are roleplaying it out as rape and forced sex and torture; it's not real rape or sex or torture. It's a roleplaying theme with dark urban tones and to add to the credibility, I don't always do the rape and sex; I also roleplay following a storyline. Much like I do in other places, like Insilico and Siden.
With that all stated, don't think any less of me for fantasizing being attacked in a horrible fashion.....I don't even want to be hurt that way. It is a way from my character to react; she doesn't have to consent to the action, even though I usually do......

Another part of Second Life I'm quite enjoying is Assassin's Grid, a game that's sort of Mafia Wars style but different: you "claim" lands on various sims like a gang "claims" land as part of their territory, you harvest items from them and use those items to craft things to help you survive longer or to make your land stronger. You can form teams and operate under factions like "Deathslayers" and "Assassins".....but I usually do it OOC unless there's some roleplay that I can incorporate into it....mostly because of inspiration and there's other roleplaying going on.... but there were times when you have to just LOL at the insanity of SL..... Like in the most recent of sim claims, there's a Tokyo City.....and when we arrived, a friend I had teamed up with, she said this:
[02:32] Danja Resident: of COURSE its a BDSM park

Now, I have to agree with her--SL = Sex Life. It's where you are in a glorified chat room referred to as a Virtual World.....and you can fuck people on it. It is Sex....and virtual.....cybersex plus porn and a dude walking around with his pants falling off and you just can't help comparing the prim junk he's wearing to a lightly tanned golden turd sculpted smooth.
Yet, AG (Assassin's Grid, I'm with the Assassins, teamed up with Danja and with the Urbanites) is great to play, especially when you figure out "gf" doesn't mean "girlfriend" but rather "good fight"....Yeah, it's hard to get started all the time, especially since people keep killing you all the time because you're easy to kill and power up from..... After dealing with a death at the sim of LOL (I kid you not, there is such a sim!), the following happened:
[01:47] ChallengeRegion: You have died and have forfeited your challenge!
[01:47] Eden Pyrithea: HEY
[01:47] [AG] Assassin HUD v3.1 (wear me):
**GRID EVENT** jazzy Kayo has assassinated Eden Pyrithea **GRID EVENT**
[01:47] jazzy Kayo shouts: gf
[01:47] Eden Pyrithea: i didn't even--i was distracted!
[01:47] jazzy Kayo: hey there :)
[01:47] Eden Pyrithea flaiiilllllssss
[01:47] jazzy Kayo: lol
[01:47] jazzy Kayo: u gota keep an eye out for me lol
[01:47] Eden Pyrithea: you took advantage! this is fight rape FIGHT RAPE
[01:48] jazzy Kayo: lmaao lol
I was obviously kidding about it....but it was true! Like I was working on a blog and all of a sudden, she showed up and I was moving windows around for optimal multitasking, but I saw the messages and she assassinated me! While I was distracted! Ugh, frustrating! But I was able to take on some great sims! And some I selected solely based on names..... :3

On a seperate note, I have to thank NicoleX Moonwall SOOOO MUCH for the opportunity for being in a video made in SL!!!!! It was so awesome! Of course, I was wearing an outfit from Graves Latex and Leather.....and hair from FallnAngels Creations.....with skin as a prize from the Twisted Hunt and using a dance HUD that was given to me by a friend.....but it turned out to be awesome. It was mostly set on a sim that was just very cool, the Spencer Museum of Art and it's so steampunkish and dark and surreal that I looooove it! Helicopter sheep, living prims, bouncing easy's just the place for me to hang out and think of the beauty of the decay of life gone past and the power of imagination gone out of control..... So, I'm one of the dancers in the video and a couple of friends are also in the video.....The result of all of us together dancing in a spot on that one sim is Spirit's Dream, a very surreal trip through music and imagination.
See if you can find me! >:3

If you can't see the video via embed, clicky here!

But I'm risking failure by doing this blog instead of doing research for my portfolio for English which is due (at the time of my doing this blog post) in less than 3 hours.....*gulp* Damn exams and damn parents...gonna be heading home tomorrow (on the 7th of May, 2011).....and suffering....will explain more another time.
Til then....PUNK OUT OR BUST!!!!! \o/

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