Monday, April 4, 2011

Second Semester, SL Trimesters, Naughty Pixels and Much Moar COWBELL!

Alrighty, looks like we've got an update for you.....One, I'm still on SL....don't know for how much longer but, dammit, I'm staying! No more missing out on cool things, no more missing out on fun....I AM KEEPING MY PIXELS INSIDE AND I WILL DUCT TAPE THEM THERE!

After that random nonsense brought on by lack of medication (they wore off by this early early early morning time), I shall go through a few other updates.

~~Liquid Renegade is currently an Amaretto Breedables horse ranch being run by me....I've offered my SL sis to sell them under my brand but she hasn't answered me back yet. Yet it gets kinda crazy in here, considering how LOADS of people pay INSANE amounts of L$s for certain horses. I've battled for less, but my sis seems to get the better ones for some reason. There's also the goddamn demon horses I soooo want desperately! Like...."I'm a demon and I wantz muh demonz horsey plz! I can haz it fer frees? DERP DERP!" It's insane! They do rare-as-hell-freezing-over stuff, like pegasus and unicorn and robocorn (robotic unicorn for those not in-the-know) and charmed and albino's insane! All I've got are horses waiting for teh seckz so that I can sell off their offspring in pixelated crates of hay to whomever cares or wants one. Plus, it looks like we have to start selling off some of our actual horses while we figure out which ones do the best and which ones do the worst. My Silver Arabian gamble turned out to be a I should probably start selling off all the lamer-resulting ones. I should also stud the females for like.....I dunno, 2k L$s per stud? With an extra 500 for the bundle if they wish to keep it?

Anyways......I may have started late, but the whole OHMAHGUH HORSE thing may be a bit out of control. >_<;; But it does bring some money in. I said SOME. It's not something that I can build an empire on but it's a start. I just gotta learn how to do sculpties and shit and textures in SL before I start doing real outfits..... So for now, Liquid Renegade is doing some ranching and auctioning; you'll most likely see my shit at Mile Hi Stables and Auctioning, where it's realllll good. I'll be trying to do the auctions that Labyrinth Darkwatch or IceBlade Moorsider will be auctioneering at. They aren't like, professionals but they're damn good, Ice especially, since he managed to get a FallnAngels horse sold for a shitload of money! Same for the other ones that usually go for like....few hundred Ls...maybe even a thousand? But when Taevion Cedrus' bro shows up, break out your credit cards cuz he is a lean mean bidding machine and Ice keeps ramping it up. But Dutchh is pretty cool. And we all wind up having fun! \o/

~~FallnAngels Creations finally put out an outfit named after me--sorta. It's them Nede Silks on the Silks Floor of the Mainstore. And I have to tell you, their products are amazing! They might be a bit different from what you're used to in America, but if you like to try Chinese/Japanese/other different foods and you enjoy other ethnic groups like Indian, Chinese, Asian (in general), even Elven/Fantasy/Goth(ish) clothes, furniture, skins, and hair, well then you'll love Falln! Even the owners and the group is awesome! There are people from many different backgrounds and you'll learn to accept each of them if you're that....uneasy about different cultures and lifestyles.

So, yeah, since you get some perks as a FallnAngel, you wind up squeeing as you see your name put on an outfit. Mine, as it turns out, was the Nede Silks; I know, I'm Eden on there, but for reals, guys, "Eden" was already used for another outfit....So Azriel decided to so something different, by doing my name BACKWARDS. Yeah, backwards, like me! xD And I also got the entire set of colors to enjoy so I have to really really say it again, THANK YOU SO MUCH, AZ!!!!!! I enjoyed how it is different and not the usual "silk in front, silk in back" but rather....Four corners, plus skimpy top! ♥ It's very well done, and very cute, too!

~~I've been on this blog, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (200 followers!), Digg, Formspring, Livestream, Ustream, BlogTV, Runescape, Newgrounds, and I can't seem to remember the rest of them. But from what I know, I've got a lot of accounts out there under the screen name "LadyEden1337" and I'm telling you now that I've got another one: Tumblr. It's not that big or that great yet but if you follow me on there, you might be able to get stuff that you don't see on the other accounts....might, not will. I can't guarantee you that you didn't see anything there that you haven't seen on here or on another place.....

That's all for now but i'm going to update this post some more later.....

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