Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Exploratory Writing Thesis Question

My thesis Question is "What is the meaning of life?!"

okay, not really......hahaha!

Actually, it's about sleep deprivation, like:

-->"Is sleep deprivation a serious problem on campus?" or something like that

It's because I've been having problems with sleep and such and it's because i've been staying up SO LATE because of Second Life. Darn it and all of its fun!


  1. Here are the first questions that come to mind: how would you gather research on this? How are you defining "problem"?

  2. huh....good point.....i'll have to consider that......


  3. I like the topic. It does seem like it would be hard to get a lot of research for such a thing. I personally think that things are problems when they reach a point to where it is the reason that you can't get the things that should be of higher priority taken care of becuase you are too busy doing whatever it is that you are doing.... just saying.

  4. I agree. It's a good question and brings up a good point about students on campus, but it would be a little hard to study the students in that way


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